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Sick rat & Cedric Till - Seeing Naples

by Sick rat

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Speech samples, boom bap and a few left-field sonic influences meet with reference-rich, colorful and personal lyrics. A defiant and intense follow-up to 2015's pensive and sentimental "The Legend Continues".


released July 18, 2017

Beats and Mixing: Sick rat
Lyrics and Vocals: Cedric Till
Mastering: Andy Schlegel
Artwork Photographer: Salvatore Manzo

Guests, both as MCs:Chel Strong from the USA and Iunno from Australia.



all rights reserved


Sick rat Campania, Italy

Beatmaker, MC, and Producer.

Vinyl sampling to provide underground dusty raw hip hop.

Sample-based compositions, blended with lo fi vibez and crackles.

Love for noir/vintage flavour,combining melodic pads with gritty ones, searching for nostalgic old dusty samples.

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Track Name: Thing of ours
[Hook 2x]
This thing of ours, is a labor of love
We turn kings into cowards, cause their favor is up
The anti-villains from the tales in your books
Wrought havoc, so you can find hell where you look

[Verse 1]
We didn't come to see Naples to die
Point us to the stage, we're taking the pie, we're so gracious
Direct threats are neutralized, but leave the haters alive
They get to hear their wives saying goodbye

No less than complete confidence is allowed
When creators walk, even desolate lands turn to hallowed ground
Sound the trumpets, we're here to interrupt your
Tea and crumpets, our music favors function over comfort

Rambunctious, assemble beats like a gunsmith
Rimshots rip your membranes to gumstrips
We came to end your reign of terror and audacity
To spout populism with no trace of veracity

False assumptions make no asinus of me
After the fact check you should never ever speak
Chemical imbalances fueled the passion in my speech
Music raised me, like I was Lazarus of Bethany

Turnkeys turn to turncoats, rebels set free
Mark the return, of two young men full of empathy
And righteous anger for you, who line pockets
On the strength of others who suffer, so we are now enemies

We reach out to tend to unhealed wounds
For our fallen, we stand guard on unsealed tombs
May our loved ones rest, may you never find peace
You who bomb the innocent, and drive a wedge between families

We sanctify life, you worship death
We'll fight you where we find you until our last breath

[Hook 2x]
This thing of ours, is a labor of love
We turn kings into cowards, cause their favor is up
The anti-villains from the tales in your books
Wrought havoc, so you can find hell where you look

Track Name: On My Own (feat. Chel Strong)
[Verse 1 - Cedric Till]
In my dreams, I kill right wing extremists
While chased by suicide bombers thru falling buildings
But survive - I'm the luckiest shit magnet alive
Been bullied and barred from all institutions devised
A hound of Hades, not an underdog, writing from three minds

See the fury in my eyes, as I ride to expose cowards
From the God to the Ghost Hour, imbibed the most power
From potions brewed by alchemists, the fermentation
Of molasses, multiply distilled, aged in oak casks, as

Rhum's all out, so rogues a'plotting
My magnum opus is a doctrine, of singular focus
On being on point as a Bodkin, though it cannot be seen
By fans and rappers with negative diaopters

I'm no fucking prophet, but I promise I will prosper
Marry an impossible girl like Clara, and I'm the fucking Doctor
Desire that's vocalized will manifest
Through energy channeled from the heart and then to the throat

chakra, what

[Verse 2 - Chel Strong]
In the mind of odd perception when speaking society's perception
Across the thin line of genius and manic depressive
Been trying to get rich over and over so damn long
Don't know if this is truly genius or insanity pressing

My philosophical niggas say I'm one of the few
If it was one bringing the change needed, it's you
Religious church folk say that it's blessings from Jesus
But Jesus, with last night's sinning that can't be true

Conspiracists virtually say that I'm selling my soul
Make some backstory like he be spittin' in demon
Even the crazy think I'm crazy, I guess I'm alone
The only thing that got his back is the skin that he's in

Call him a narcissist, or just call him an artist
With high attention to detail, low attention to arguing
Rather just do it my way, fuck your opinion, just pay me
You know you a genius when niggas start callin you crazy

My mind it ricochets, grenade shooter, lungs aerate buddah
Renegade, then came to ya, put blades through ya

[Verse 3 - Cedric Till]
I've gone too long on my own that's why I remain cuckoo
You wouldn't be able to sleep if my thoughts had came to you
I wear on people like erosion, idiosynchrasies
Developed from the fact that I never felt I was chosen

Spoke to demons as a teen, and kept some on a first name
Wouldn't you know, most resented me for letting them get to me
Make of that what you will, I'm a cryovolcano spitting
Liquid methane, in the pressure cooker of life, it'll catch flame

No matter the platform, game always respect game
Remain leery, my game theory's to check mates
It's just experience, smile at you while I'm serious
Collect hate by aborting your brainchild before you lactate, bitch

Respond to vibes, ignore tribes of sore critics
The vitriol in my writtens resembles 14 Phillipics, though
All said and done, my body of work'll be Cicero's
As a millenial, without the arrogance to say that "I done did it on

my own"
Track Name: Chekhov's Gun
[Verse 1]
I've lived years, none'd leave unscathed
Seen time advance even when you're running in place
Have arrived at an age, some clubs I can't join
See them pointing to the money, wondering what is the point

I always know where to begin, but it's harder to end
It all does, I often hardly want to bother with friends
Where they went wrong, they never even thought to repent
They will never get to call me an artist again

A vigilante lyricist with a gun in the sock
I'm Frank Pembleton, they can't handle son in the box
Sought perfection in my craft, it has taken its toll
But I was always at my worst when the stakes were too low

[Verse 2]
Standing at Achilles' heel are his myrmidons
Who've grown tired when every action was a furtive one
You can't compare their little bars to the work I've done
Just 'cause the name is not a bell that the churches rung

Atop the perch, from which they never even heard the gun
The suitcase is closed, the truth became exposed
The traitors are dead, they can't trace the bullets
Nor the weapon; in effect, the new case is cold

Names stay in the red, I escape to my sanctuary
Hard springs, soft pillows where I lay my head
I've taken a course, that's counterintuitive
Rigged bridges just to keep my edge double as the sword

[Verse 3]
A man cornered is a dangerous one, and that's my comfort zone
Come alone, even as a stranger to none
Introverted, wear my heart on my sleeve and cut the wrist
Just to tell from the reaction who is truly maladjusted

There's no trust in business, there's just lust for riches
We all chase illusions, claiming that we're fucking realists
I've given love to women, 'till I was out of feelings
The wheels never stopped spinning since then

Sincerely, I won't wait to hear my sins during sentencing
There's still a couple objectives that're unfinished
In a minute, they'll forget the good deeds
Yet remember the fingerprints on the gun I forgot to keep clean
Track Name: What I Want
Jump in that alligator trap, fade to black
Another feather in my cap, scratch your cringeworthy face
Off the map, you ain't a Battle Cat now, pussy
When in Rome, do as the Romans, I'm roaming
The Collosseum, while screaming "13th!"
Axe throwing, heads rolling, grand open, grand closing, fucker
Underestimate the great, featherweights get razed
Like cities, a pity you really were talented, mate
Now watch the Cerberus salivate

[Verse 1]
As the prey approaches, a hungry leer
A hunter never veers from his target, patient
As a summoned golem of stone, now what's a shonen to a ronin, boy?

A man without a master, yet a code of his own
Knowing for some, tragedy is coming faster
Well-aware of the snakes in the senate
Bodyguards might as well carry fasces like a fascist

Assassins ain't fooled by other facets
We just want access to assets and your ass hit
Wreak chaos and havoc, and keep the hash lit
Girls pass as ships in the night...

[Hook 2]
Keep trying to put rubies on my forehead
Make my night stretch into eternal darkness
You're all blessed to buy sand for your hourglass
Bait-and-switch scheming just to pay your guardsmen
Like I don't know the hidden entrance to your Trajan market
Go pray to Concordia, you're getting conquered, though
I'll have this sad story posted in the forum
Did you try to get acknowledged as king?
Bragging 'bout your whips and chains
You're about to get flogged with a scorpion

[Verse 2]
Overlooking the harbour, on the shoulders of Colossus
Seeing farther than the sordor, pouring Porters
Schooling novices on renaissance artists

Behind venetian blinds, dining with a diva
She knows the inner workings of the clergymen
Who moved funds for underworld bosses that have murdered the culture
Ears perked up when she told me something pertinent

"To recover the eagle and boost morale
We need to get rid of Birdman", bold assertion
Not without merit though, agreed and proceeded
To bed her then covered my tracks, left in a quiet manner

Hammer clangs rang through the streets from the smithy
Kids playing with stray cats, courtesans bare titties
From the windows to the passing menfolk
Some succumb to temptations from morality's sinkhole

Everybody got a hustle, all they ask is "did you bring dough?"
You can't think slow in a lane faster than news travel
Posted up in the chapel, with goons
He thinks he's safe, 'bout as safe as a compromised panic room

Five deep, yet about to be six, soon
Forsake all you cherish cause you can't take it with you
See, all that mattered was the craft you betrayed
With that sweatshop of writers you contract like slaves

Every hit they ever wrote has been attached to your name
And tacitly they stay, within lines
Cause if they stray, then the contracts they signed
Will remind everyone who holds the reins on the purse strings

Then the buzz fades and the well runs dry
Buyer's market, 'stead of songs they sell pride
So who the fuck am I? Number one with a bullet train of thought
The machine's broke, unplug the cord

So I depart, you either win the game by
Rigging it in your favor or you will die
Abort the mission for a tactical retreat
But the trap'll still spring if any rapper deems to step to me

Just what I want you to do...
Track Name: Attunement
[Verse 1]
Associations of a kind, where interpersonal
Connections seem apparent are my specialty
It's so easy to combine, shared glances and hugs
Let me guess at where a sentence leads

I deftly manage the depths of
Other people's psyches, it's sort of second nature to me
Put their feelings in words they understand
In turn they gain the power of relating to me

A strong bond is established
Together we take action where caution would seem passive
It's a skill that took time to develop
And lessons that led to wisdom from pain, remain treasured

Though misunderstood, and enigmatic
The truth is if you looked in the mirror, you'd understand it
I only show you what is hidden in us both
When the revelation occurs, you will feel the growth

[Verse 2]
Intuitive attunement, to other people's pain
Was learned, when I stood in my own personal ruins
And the loneliness of shame crushed me
When I faced my demons and lost, thusly

The pride subsided, wasn't pious, just trying
To make sense of the drama, now relevant to the past tense

Fast forward to the present day
See myself in strangers I let embrace me
Connected with souls from abroad, as the pen
Gained in strength, yet it didn't dull the sword

Love paid forth brought returns that are
Unquantifiable, met children that knew me better
Than adults, young hearts teach lessons
I now forward in sessions, may you find the same wisdom

Metamorphisis to a man that knows
Empathy matters more than the rift between the poor and rich
All that can be bridged, we need no sorcerers
Just a connecting force that makes jaws drop like porcelain

Let's call it sense uncommon, we sought revenge
For horrors, but the wars must end
You see the column for the losses and wins
Is a cul de sac, 'cause whatever we gain, we owe it back
Track Name: The Calling (feat. Iunno)
[Verse 1 - Cedric Till]
I was born in Berlin City, but in arms I felt home
When, life would come down on me hard like hailstones
As I'm, alternating dispositions in a blink
You'll figure me out when I'm finally gone, or so you think

The only constant in my life has been art, and hardships
And of course, who wants to be compared to Vincent Van Gogh
While living? - A sensitive being, with senses of seeing
That don't require eyes, it's synesthesia, blessed to receive

The messages encoded in color and sound, it's vibrations
Flows, are libations for those that died in the matrix
And those alive who are facing themselves, and yet reality
The ultimate illusion is identity

The legend continues, names are changed to protect the guilty
Without regrets we leave behind whatever serves us no longer
Adversity is a given, I don't run from my calling
And keep evolving because what doesn't make me stronger will kill me

Some people get all the love and still they doubt
Some people get all the neglect, but, still they trust
I'm dedicated to my craft, that is what I'm about
And any overdue respect, when it's given, I laugh

WHAT DID I DO? - Nothing
YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY - Why's that?
WHAT DID I DO? - I don't know

[Verse 2 - Iunno]
Maybe it's propensity that keeps me coming back to this
A tendency to breathe a stream of depth conceals a tragic twist
Taken my identity, I had to walk and let it be
I'm haunted by these talking walls, that I can't break to set'em free

Lately see, this vacancy is really taking over
This building up's been built enough; I can't control emotion
This fear of lust reveals in us a loss of touch and closeness
I'm hanging on, she hanged and so I'm hung up, I was roped in

Hope then was hopeless, I was hopelessly devoted
I was 'sposed to see the omens in this post debris of novas
But I don't, it seems unnoticed, yeah there's folks who grieve with

A picture's worth a thousand words but it's not like someone wrote'em

So I hang on to the moments but the rope was poorly woven
I was sitting here this morning, thought I missed out on my calling
I was broken... See, life is always spoken
The phonetics of poetic morphs enforce the paths we've chosen


The hearts of all the people I've touched will represent for me
The feelings I expressed over beats, will be my legacy
The friendships I've been honored to forge, reveal the best in me
They challenge and inspire the person I've yet to be

[Verse 3 - Cedric Till]
Going forward in baby steps, stumbling while battered by fate
Or is it unconscious choices I made?
At what point is navel-gazing just a form of narcissism?
I guess despite all the talking, I don't find it hard to listen

At the bottom of this heart sits, who knows what
But whenever I step onto that stage, it shows up
And resonates with people; some young, but most older
I appreciate you for it, even if I never told ya

Cried tears of joy when I saw my friends get love
From the crowd, but couldn't help also thinking "what about?"
It's expectations, I'm hard on myself, driving
A million-mile car like it's a race, and I don't bother with


Been on this road for so long most of my partners got jaded
But this is life, we ain't promised to make it
Hitting singles, robbing bases, carving space out
To make a niche for myself, while y'all are playing the crowd...
Track Name: Leaving Naples
From the ashes of a man I arise
Heart-headed down my own path, never compromise
And I have seen things you wouldn't believe
If I kept them to myself, it wouldn't be me

All the scars and the burns never changed me
I just regenerated, different body, same me
And I have lost things you won't understand
Been to hell, would know my way if I should come again

Everyone I ever loved turned away from me
Despite the pain, I tried to let them go gracefully
They never asked, I still gave like my love was blind
Couldn't play it like the wreck you found wasn't mine
Battered soul, torn heart and a cluttered mind
Lie awake in ruins, fall asleep when done with crying
When I told you I was tired of life, I wasn't lying
If your feet were in my shoes, you wouldn't judge in kind
Picked myself up with noone there to lend a hand
Charged the enemy first when I could barely stand...

From the ashes of a man I arise
Heart-headed down my own path, never compromise
And I have seen things you wouldn't believe
If I kept them to myself, it wouldn't be me

All the scars and the burns never changed me
I just regenerated, different body, same me
And I have lost things you won't understand
Been to hell, would know my way if I should come again

[Verse 2]
Bled for brothers I made, brothers I never had
There never was an escape, so I just went ahead
I asked her who she really was, she got scared
Together we leapt into an abyss, that wasn't there
When mending fences, you would never hear me say a lie
And if I couldn't see your side, you could say that I tried
Could never see why so many still are favoring pride
I leave with love, I never came to see Naples and die
I leave with love, I never came to see Naples and die
I leave with love, I never came to see Naples and die...