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Sick rat & Concrete Cee - The legend continues

by Sick rat

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Concrete Cee & Sick rat - The Legend Continues
This EP, released via Synesthesia Records, takes the listener down memory lane by way of Sick Rat's melancholy sample-based production, before culminating in its darkest moment "In The Waters Of Oblivion", co-produced by Vitality. The lyrics deal with self-determination, loneliness, finding wisdom, love and nostalgia.
It is a mature and reflective effort by both artists.


released December 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Sick rat Campania, Italy

Beatmaker, MC, and Producer.

Vinyl sampling to provide underground dusty raw hip hop.

Sample-based compositions, blended with lo fi vibez and crackles.

Love for noir/vintage flavour,combining melodic pads with gritty ones, searching for nostalgic old dusty samples.

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Track Name: Concrete Cee - The legend continues (Sick Rat prod.)
Artist: Cedric Till / Concrete Cee
Title: "The legend continues"
Produced by: Orlando Ippolito / Sick Rat

[Verse 1 Cee]
...And so the legend is continued
One mind, one pen, one instrumental...
From young wolf to alpha
Made my bones by challenging my elders
My Alka-Seltzer, the tunes I sell ya
Playing the compassionate cynic like Rich Belzer
Crushed crews to blood pools
Feel for Rap like for sluts, disgust but lust, too
Everything put in motion has kept rolling
Told'em call me International Cee, and now it's showing
Contacts beyond Rap, where would I be
Without complementaries cause it's all about teamwork
Trust the process, don't worry 'bout the outcome
You know I get it done, on my own or if featured
Damn your eyes, simple minds lack vision
Doubters fishing for replies, bye, I don't even listen
Fuck what they're missing, I'm dictacting the action
See plays before they happen, and play without a position

[Hookline Brother Gil]
...and so the legend is continued
One spirit, one blade, one instrumental...

[Hookline Concrete Cee]
...and so the legend is continued
One mind, one pen, one instrumental...

[Verse 2 Brother Gil]
Stomp the ground with a sword drawn
Carve a line into the dust, adversaries bring it on!
Coagulated blood on an armor well-worn
Where I'm from, we don't clean plate mail, we raise hell
And bathe in the wails of those the blade severed
In two, it doesn't matter who's better than who
A schoolboy once deemed himself elite, but after the beating
It was clear he wasn't eligible
On numerous occasions my heart was tested
I've been intrepid through my efforts to pass through all dimensions
Brought back souvenirs as proofs, but you
Still maintain that I've been duped, well, the truth does sting
But, nonetheless, friend, this is your end
You previously forfeited chances to repent
I picked up your scent then followed your trail
Intent and preparation will always prevail

[Hookline Concrete Cee]
[Hookline Brother Gil]

[Verse 3 Concrete Cee]
Underrated, counted out and misunder-
Stood, mind free as the skies we live under
Finding peace with yourself will make you feel younger
And still travel with unmitigated hunger
Leader by example and smart delegation
Passion for his craft, yet no lack of patience
Sharpened intuition and genuine care
Appreciation for the moment, it's here
And I daresay the next woman making her pitch to me
Is getting run home with the bases juiced
Walking off like a boss, broad go and take a pew
Ain't a damn thing I'm focused on but making my moves
I don't mean to offend you, but truthfully
I can glean from your eyes who you see, and it's not me
So have your pick of the litter and live
Happy ever after with your fourth place finisher

[Hookline Brother Gil]
[Hookline Concrete Cee]
Track Name: Concrete Cee - Forever (Sick Rat prod.)
Artist: Cedric Till / Concrete Cee
Title: "Forever"
Produced by: Orlando Ippolito / Sick Rat

[Verse 1]
The keys land on the commode, in my humble abode
Monotonous drone from upstairs, got me out of my zone
Leftover coffee in the pot, lukewarm, not cold
Put the needle on a spinning disc and fall on my sofa
It's just another day of doing what a man's supposed to
No gratitude cause noone knows ya
Grab an apple cider from the fridge, listen to some
Oscar Peterson and get some thoughts about how we could live
And with we, I mean me and the muse in my dreams
Whenever I write tunes cause I couldn't sleep
Imagining all the travels, skipping past gravels
In the road, like grooves when we looking for a sample
Inside, the supply of love is ample
But noone sits across during dinner, why even light a candle?

[Verse 2]
Steady juggling oddjobs, knocking out songs
Chronicling the dark parts, sorting out hogwash
That I am fed by all these sensible and grown adults
Grabbed their wrists to feel the pulse, they were comatose
Holding hope in these hands, you see a mic
Even if they're universally panned, you would believe the hype
Instead of pushing it aside as suggested
But you eat at McDonalds like exercise would offset it
It's embedded in your brains, appearance over content
Now where's your crossed arms and sarcastical responses?
Saying Drake is corny but you listen to him anyway
Choosing partners by convenience, nothing more to say
But live your life, I'm on my path, and I've no wrath
To beset you with, I'm just laying plans for my exodus
Headed to places where I'm appreciated
Not taken for granted or a random appendage...

[Verse 3]
The worries chisel my frown, time's an artisan
I'd better cancel all the solitary quarreling
It's the same old same, on and off again
The pain won't wane, where's the morphium?
Unsubscribed from the theory that soulmates exist
Divining my own fortune, all I say is this
If you truly want to live in this building, help me build it
Or be a visitor forever, deal with it
It's a joint venture, not a merger
It's a girl-to-woman, boy-to-man curve of development
To get there together, distance can be bridged
And it has to if we truly want to live
And love, I try my best to be my best for us
Encourage you on your path, you are blessed with luck
You manifest good in the world, it comes back, just trust
Can't wait to hold you in my arms, laughing it up
Track Name: Concrete Cee - Walking alone (Sick Rat prod.)
Artist: Cedric Till / Concrete Cee
Title: "Walking alone"
Produced by: Orlando Ippolito / Sick Rat

[Verse 1]
Large cube of ice in the glass of Dimple
Reflecting as the rain crackles softly on the sill
Gazing out the windows, the sun has long set
You can smell the mahogany and the smoke
From the flavoured cigar, a Cuban elder man tokes from
I'm waiting on a date, but she won't come
The Askania on my wrist says 10
A wench at the bar suspects something
Comes over to ask if everything is alright and I just look at her
I swear these eyes don't lie
And every minute that she's late makes this woman look better
Put frankly I'm just tired of the chatter
I recognize everytime she says what it ain't about
Focus is squarely placed on them same matters
I could pretend like I had time for that
Or drop the change on the table and leave, no looking back...

By myself, all I need is the beats
Until my restless mind has found peace
Any weather, any day of the week
Tarmac, stone plates, wood and concrete

[Verse 2]
...And all I do is see the same faces
Look-alikes in the same clothes, the only way
To tell them apart is by the different language
It's the daily masquerade of the fameless
I grab a drink from the convenience store
And just walk to clear my head, it's becoming recurring
Vagrant soul in a story of the same kind
And at the same time, it disturbs me
These streets harbor memories, vibes, and they
Change with the times, like old hangout spots
Have turned into coffee shops, mom-and-pop stores
Now are barbers, name plates change, neighbors turn to strangers
Leather couch, beige fleece wallpaper
Home sweet home, alone though, I crave
The feeling of warm embraces greeting
It's yet another wasted evening, I play a Cool Jazz tune
And light one up, before I'm faded out sleeping...


[Verse 3]
...of Berlin City at summertime, the sun rays filtered
By the trees, got a cone of ice cream, sesame and honey
Mind on whatever, taking time to
Marvel at the architecture and smile
For no reason other than being grateful to breathe in
The fragrance of the place I was raised in, even
If I were to leave someday, I'd never forget
Moments that made bonds what they are and yet
I don't feel like going back, the hands of the clock
Melt away like a heart when it's touched by a gesture
Or a friendly smile of a woman so lush
That's dressed in a fashion that conveys nothing extra
Conversation kind of compliments the nearby Spree
And there's no need for a number exchange, it's all free
Of obligations, continued on our merry way
I could do this everyday, just liaise with
A girl who shares my love for traversing the pavement...

Track Name: Concrete Cee - Still searching (Sick Rat prod.)
Artist: Cedric Till / Concrete Cee
Title: "Still Searching"
Produced by: Orlando Ippolito / Sick Rat

[Verse 1]
Born alone, live alone, die alone
Call my old friends but, only hear the dial tone
Grab my keys and leave, at least the streets
Will greet me with open arms -
As I walk, zonin' out, my soul is calmed
Going past spots that I used to frequent when I was a teen
By myself with my goals and dreams, visualizing
What my so-called friends never seem to believe
They flock towards those that already achieved
Fairweather types I don't really need in my life
So I put a check mark behind their names
Just in case I came to fame, I would know why they think I changed
Plain to see they don't really know about my pain
And don't want to, good, I'll bother you no more
I put a road block on memory lane, just for safety
So I ain't going back there next time you face me...

Did you ever feel home on the road?
Would you rather play home than away?
You see, I struck while the iron was cold
But that didn't make a duller blade
Who can truly say they know it all
When most barely even know their place?
You see, I only know how far I've gone
But I could never say that I know my way

[Verse 2]
Goin' to sleep when the last thoughts hit the dreamcatcher
Need a valve to release pressure
Retreat to the alcove like Seven of Nine
Because my rational mind can never recline
See, the lies that we lived, now are truths we believe
Which is why truth hurts, we are used to deceit
In our quest for love, we fall blindly
For what minds imagine but eyes can't see
I went without hugs for weeks, went without a kiss for years
After a while, desire disappears
I look at pain like I stare through it
Like a wall of eyes, I just tear through it
I don't feel pride for accomplishments
Feeling unperturbed by criticism or compliments
Letting go of the baggage, that's all it is
Left it at the crossroad and only thought "good riddance"


[Verse 3]
Weird feeling when you can't recognize
The city you've been born in, and years hung a veil
Over things people remember you for, having seen so much
You don't mind forgetting the bad parts
But hate when you recall them, the ones that got away
And the ones that you thought would be there always
Everybody on their own grind, journeys turn lonesome
Who never had his heart broken, probably never owned one
Look and sound so old and still so young
Learning to appreciate the moments that are golden
Love talking to children and listen to their dreams
Unencumbered by the greed that adults keep feeding them
Along with their hatreds related to race
Faith and gender, we still gotta share the same space
In our chase for the papes, we haste towards graves
Justifying what we take with what little we gave...

Track Name: Concrete Cee - Holocrons (Sick Rat prod.)
Artist: Cedric Till / Concrete Cee
Title: "Holocrons"
Produced by: Orlando Ippolito / Sick Rat

[Verse 1]
Silent goodbyes, recall what was shared
Then, darkening skies, all of it's impaired
Since, often I cry, to lighten what I bear
I can alter the air of a room, by just being there
My melancholia is a blanket
At times inspired by a spirit, never got to thank it
The fountain from which I draw is ornamented
A pantheon of deep thinkers, all of them are standing
Tall in their marble likeness, the spring from which
The flow emerges, is twice as rich, in the sense
That no such thing as time exists when I write
These scripts, life can hinge on a dice pitched
The eyes are six, that's you and I with our ajnas
Aligned with the seventh chakra
Can't share what we see, but we see beyond matter when it's darker
It's not the final session, just a proffer

Wisdom of the holocrons, gathered through the years
Now hidden in the darkest corners of the mind
Reflect self and you will find
Synchronicity with present time, and the
Divine essence within, balance of the yang and the yin
A language of its own when it's channelled through the pen
Write to sustain life, battle with the jinns
All we ever do is sin and repent

[Verse 2]
On the, road to perdition, forgot where the exit was
Never thought that good intention becomes anathema
Continue living life in spite, following this vision
Of giving love like it is part of my mission
I was, born a nurturer, challenged early
Late bloomer, glad I made my mistakes sooner than others
Sculpture of life, molded by strife, yet underneath
The broken ice, the token surprise, a golden heart
Once a quicksilver tongue but now I hold the thought
Focused, on watching the culprit, if he wants a part
I'm, cold as calculus, youthful as the fountain
You doubters do not amount to, as pessimism isn't a
Survivor's trait, take your pick, my side is the one
Where we kill'em with kindness, sending rivals friendly reminders
That our stories became paint, then chiseled
Into the walls of the pantheon, while they're still thinking it can't be done


[Verse 3]
Wasn't one of the leaders, just went ahead in quiet
Went where noone'd follow, settled by the fire
Only being to feel it, madness can inspire
No believing is needed, no members in the choir
Memories of the days of old, when a smile was rare
Faded away, in favor of serenity
Used to wonder aloud who would remember me
Fondly, glancing proudly at those who used to doubt me
None of it matters now, casualties are mourned, sure
But reasons they are gone for are no longer pondered
Once vaunted, now taunted, a lightyear glare
Scorns repeat offenders, why issue more warnings?
Certain things certain people certainly never learn
As long as you deem yourself the teacher
And lessons abound, beyond words, sitting on a bench
In the park, glad to be on this Earth...

Track Name: Concrete Cee - In the waters of oblivion (Sick Rat prod. feat. Vitality)
Artist: Cedric Till / Concrete Cee
Title: "In the waters of oblivion"
Produced by: Orlando Ippolito / Sick Rat

History matters not, I'd rather not contend with that logic
Of disregarding what was done in one's favor
No games were played, though she's ending up on waivers
Result of being drafted too high, I overrated her
Blind to what I gave her, nurturing and care
Constructive criticism, only wished to make her greater
Despite arguing otherwise, it never made a
Difference, as to what would pique her interest
Seeing as she'd rather go back to whoever ditched her
Instead of truly listen to her inner voice as I insisted
Given the chance, she wouldn't go the distance
Spit in my hands extended, that's the limit
I pretended to encourage her, told her
That she'd made her decision, cause derision ain't my style
I let the cord go, an empty pond ain't made for fishing
Though I'll let her drown, in the waters of oblivion
And she's deleting comments made to spite him
So he won't see the immaturity that she now displays in trying to like him
Says that if he hurts her again, it'll crush her
That night, I woke from a dream in which he fucked her
I'll make a point to stay away from soulmates
Because they always remind you of who you once was
And it's all too clear that you're better today
My foot is off the pedal now, my hands're off the clay
What else is there to say? Instead of wasting breath
Intended for an attempt to dissuade, I'd rather fade away
Off the turn-around, make or miss, walk it off
Scoff at the fact you wanna talk after the match
Let's get some things clear, I'm contending for a ring here
You're trying to make the lottery, tanking like you're 'bout to be
Good in a couple years, but tomorrow's not promised
You traded your glue guy for the scrub who kept failing
To make the roster - Let's be honest
Everything is off, even his posture
I guess, it is get in where you fit in
But the chip is off my shoulder now, good riddance...