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Sick rat & Routiger Slob - The Gridshifters EP (REMIX)

by Sick rat

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Sick rat and Routiger Slob take part in this Remixed version of "The Gridshifters EP".

This EP is also aivalable from Cinematic rhythmatics bandcamp page also: cinematicrhythmatics.bandcamp.com/album/the-gridshifters-remix-sick-rat-routiger-slob

Original version of the EP from AquariusMinded and Routiger Slob is available at this link routigerslobmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-gridshifters-ep

Sick rat and Routiger Slob are both part of Cinematic Rhythmatics Support and follow at www.cinematicrhythmatics.com


released February 27, 2017

Lyrics and Vocals: Routiger Slob
Beats, Mixing and Mastering: Sick rat
Artwork: AquariusMinded



all rights reserved


Sick rat Campania, Italy

Beatmaker, MC, and Producer.

Vinyl sampling to provide underground dusty raw hip hop.

Sample-based compositions, blended with lo fi vibez and crackles.

Love for noir/vintage flavour,combining melodic pads with gritty ones, searching for nostalgic old dusty samples.

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Track Name: Highlander
You're an average craft masochist
While you're navigating through river rapids im delivering a passage to the Galapagos
Math rap capitalist - you can bank on that a tank on that
Mobile assault bridge vocal occult script – strangle tracks
The language cast a vernacular that surpassed these passengers in the back seat
Lab read in a black Acura actions of Dracula buckets of brains
Spectacular captions you ain't fucking with frames
Just dust from grave that swept the Andes
I once meet a banshee in the Ganges – she lived in a shanty town
Told me the cancer's the candy that they hand me down
And that the grandest sound of a source distorted
What the orcs recorded for the door to door horde assorted brain fader
Slave labour – grind a grey acre then pay later
Cradle to the grave I rain the page these lames is basic
Super hero shit in age of villains
Mutants in a Winnebago with lasers chilling
While your slinging yayo to children in the building I'm killing
This contract to track new jacks collapse
Don't give a fuck about the Conrad Blacks of rap and that's a fact
I write math for the love of it
From the Earth to the utters of the mothership
A words worth never stutter it
Break bread then break the head of the government
No water works in the desert
Uncle Fester goblin at the desk director soaking in rye
Global drone ocean comb colonial tide
Overdose factory apathy gadgets
With gravity jackets graduate badges for these crafty bastards
Ghost of Gladys when i toast the cabbage
So i wrote this passage from smoking ashes for the folks at NASA
Who holds the castle after the kingdoms relinquished - depart english
Thus distinguished a linguist with the skill of Charles Mingus
Extinguish the charred fingers from the bonfire
Bomb higher messiah sing a song dire supplier God sire
The wrong guy to fuck with
Trust it buster - get deducted after instructed productions
Spit dusted - peasants are armed with muskets rusted
So i rushed amongst the lead a brush with death
They must have fled from the guts to Russia
Bust concussion ruckus mother fucker
Track Name: Thread the lead
Read the scene - steel ya queen like Bowser did
Reach the dream salvaged air of alchemist
Bound to sound a round about clouds surround the calculus
Thousand pound falcon shit crowd the crypt
Downtown balcony shorties mouthing it
That's the reboot dose daily bread
I kill and conquer raise the dead
Willy Wonka made of meds saga basic text
Ballad for Alice talent a halogen bulb
To burn at breckneck speed the fall resolved
And all in all the globe spins to a blur
But no wall is tall to the parkour ensured
Words incur a first person perspective
Elected constructs of mind prime perfected
The grind method connect to time invested
Designed a record to wreck it - no question
Novelist talk metropolis
Those cobble offices and modular ledges
Crawl from the crevice
Call em strip mall stallin for efforts
That pit fall squalor that followed the peasants

Blotter God the author jotted awesome
Novice call your coffin knowledge caution
Blazing all are razors tossin often X2

Modern all is rotten caught in slaughter
Cross the water taught the law to otters
Ya'll a lot of fodder poppin collars X2

Travel back to the birth like elephant memory
Battle back the surge of irrelevant melody
Selling a hell of weak product - that we shot up
When all you hear is a marketing gimic filling the goblet with no audit
This that road scholar flow goblin hold office mold topics
Clone novice get thrown to the fallen
A hollow existence spit for the missions mauraders
Perdition consists of the distance in dollars
The business of knowledge
An academy of the incredible all for education sake
Medical meditation strength
The dedication to paint frames that the class gathers
And map passages through the black matter
Graph phatter than these track rappers
That rap chatter but have never hit the stage
Get phased out the picture quicker then commercial breaks
The murder rate heard today is a fuel focused by the mile
I wrote this opus to supply a style quotient
Dosage the dopest quoted in the wild roamin

Blotter God the author jotted awesome
Novice call your coffin knowledge caution
Blazing all are razors tossin often X2

Modern all is rotten caught in slaughter
Cross the water taught the law to otters
Ya'll a lot of fodder poppin collars X2
Track Name: Concrete Speak
Breaking it down
Order of the motormind
Concrete speak

Cycle tidal wave vision blitz
Pirate cove dove to diamond treasure
I'm a better business script
Sign the letter tiger claw science law envision it
Mission listen kids - radio buster bank of justice
What the function thanks for luncheon
The playdough dusty kids grow up fast
In rusty dungeon spin fast like whirling dervish
Call it hand to hand combat search for the learners
Cancer in burners campers and burglars answers to murders
Fans of the Gerbers - damned is a cursive writing style
I'm a silent person unless I'm spitting a collision
The stars my destination Alfred Bester missive
Invest in distance best provisions burn bridges in badlands
Article 5 beg your pardon arm of the guardian tribe
Are we alive from the dark - light runs for the scribe
archlight drum glide graduate guide
Gadgets in the drive pushing 110 to pen can't contend with the lense
On a bender to cleanse defender of friends - before they render the end
Before they render the end

Cyclops clobber helicopter mop ya
Adopt street opera who botched the doctor
Dropped the operation on your feet
Week to week concrete speak

Scholastic playing the classic radio active
Gas mask passive on the forehead
Walk a 1000 miles before death
Adorn flex forward collect northern forges
The best swordsmen context to wreck your warship
More shit than meets the eye die from a 9-5 to survive
For prized possessions collected a hoarder mindstate
150 books read before the court date
more weight for the pack mule that stewed in own juices
The fuel's a nuisance brews abusive cruise illusions
Sky blue flew rulers of chemical lines tide to a tail end tally
The trail ends sadly on a whale bleed galley
You frame shit badly - like lint that packs the pocket
Begin master optic akin to faster comet that lights the horizon
I fight surviving the right rhyming advisor dead your data
Metal visor grind assignment set up ladder
Get up gather the matter to batter these basic aimings
One take I'm raining at a training rating graded to a A+
You write 50 sheets to save up
Sleep count sheep then wake up
These fake fucks get dusted on field
Mincemeat to cold steel i wield

Cyclops clobber helicopter mop ya
Adopt street opera who botched the doctor
Dropped the operation on your feet
Week to week concrete speak
Track Name: Law of the lantern
Blast radius call it
Flight of the navigator snapback alcoholic
Cypher with alligators
Dissolved from a solvent then revolved in a cauldron
In the halls of the goblin put a price on life
Got a knife that strikes like python bites
Twice as nice as these mic devices
Degenerate general - sandman sold you a dream
Now you're panning gold in a stream
Lower the lease this soldier's devoted to a motormind
Engine-of-an-oceanliner quoted in over-time
Swarm vs. children of corn - famage for farmers
Poison village gimmics is pardoned
A market for diminishing martyrs
Reborn in the desert like Timothy Archers
And that's accurate depiction of the drifters
Parishioners and victors
Derivatives of a system of Richter scales
The ships have sailed that economy class
Caught in a trap - it was one of those summers
Lottery lap running the numbers
With 1/100th the gunners
Branch off encompassing runners
Auxilliary function ominous
Anonymous mass hacked computers
What fun is for like hover boards in 'Back to Future'
Rhyme tutor cruising Buddha with a flask in my back pocket
This rap is free, but-the-trap is cash profit - map song
Last author foster math saga draft bombs
Swing blade serrated like barracuda teeth
Ferris Bueller vs. Arab ruler speech

I got this
Routiger Slob drop this
Aligned to skill
Bosses get tossed off office rooftops
Primed to kill

Signed and seal Colossus read the scripture
Willing the words like this rap shit means something
A bigger picture

Smashing pumpkins sleepy hollow - easy auto
Gobble bikini model in the land of greedy - genie in a bottle
Rocking goggles in the Lamborghini diablo
Dodging Gestapo in the module - read a novel see what follows
Cus god carried the pilot
We call that arial rhyming beat provided by Aquarius Minded
Prepared the assignment an honour
Rob Ford living in a cardboard box
Alot blotter animal prodigy
Red dot get caught in lobotomy
Nominate next generation
Automate ants to the colony
Carbon date check the breakfast - apply the hexes

In a nexus invested in pyrotechnics
Supply the directives - set diligence son
The killings begun -"I am best" said Attila the Hun
Dialect of ioutet - will of the lung
Work bio tech from the building n slums
Where the children were-gunned-down-on-the-street
Run down by police - paradoxical creeps
Sabotage the air walk oxygen leaks
I'm a beast boxing the beat
Capeesh - Reeboks locked on the feet
Read off the tree tops weed fog in a jeep
Channel beamed heat to a blaster
Far from the last chapter - craft master collapse rafters
Like that of a haunted mansion
Bogged down in a lost town the Gods abandoned - Law of the Lantern
Late night for a gambler damnit
While you in pyjamas im chippin that granite standard
Rattling an atom bomb over the gather cattle farm - barely landed
Track Name: Magister ludi
Drum of the umber hulk i somersault on a acid flash back
Summon a thunderbolt like Dumbledore in the last act
You produce crap like CeeLo green
In a fever dream they appear green as grass
Elohim in a helium craft - evil schemes
Teaching a trash Nasdaq venture invent your portion
Torch it fortune 500 endorsement warden
So pass the Captain Crunch or pack a lunch
Cuz the hatchling run with gatling guns - try to jack you up
Butterfly knife cut a pie slice graphic stuff
In my life the rhyme sights through a faster flux
Rap from the guts and smash that trash attached to the gastric pumps
Fracture chumps who step in the cypher - eliminate biters
Imitator writers assimilated radio pied pipers
Novice i call em audit their wallet - those fucking herbs
I aint saying I'm flawless this is a work in progress but god bless the word
No job stress observe murder term merger
From rhyming with my crew in the golden days - i wrote swiftly
Quote from page til i'm oden's age - motivate the sickly
Strictly for their betterment
President ripoff built into the cloud cover
I'm a foul fucker chippin ground butter
The sound gutter rain dancing for calcutta

An action in duty
Magister Ludi capture your cutie
Spit strychnine
Narrate science like David Suzuki
Sick rhymes blazin doobies Columbine for the newbie
All in line for the Uzi
I'm a mountain - you can't move me

Where the track meets I meet the track like athletes
Fast speech over the medium
Rap sheet for the past week
Stack cash graph streets the ingredient
Leading trash fleet in achievement
Breathing exaust fog boss hog lost cause
Tossing Molotovs from the crosswalk as i see it
These polluted waters don't cast a reflection
So i spit math in a method
Like an astral projected unleaded craft with directions
Never nap on a lesson, or get smashed cast from the session
And that's that natural selection kids trying to grasp the last of the legend
From the past to the present track the essence of Hip Hop
Not Hip Pop playdough rip off radio bitch talk - that fable
So disable the tip top labels - they're fatal
Playin to dumb down the sound - gun clown you wound
I give you one round you'll drown with the urchins
Like voyage to Arcturus wake in a different world
The oil is worthless murders toil for servants
I miss you girl, may you avoid the curtains
When ya push that void in the circuits
Like pigeons perched upon the ledge
Prescription verses twisted clergy - logged Dawn of the Dead
Droppin a sledge on martians and mechs
Word of week what was drawn is awesome
This shit disturbs the peace like bombs in Boston

An action in duty
Magister Ludi capture your cutie
Spit strychnine
Narrate science like David Suzuki
Sick rhymes blazin doobies Columbine for the newbie
All in line for the Uzi
I'm a mountain - you can't move me
Track Name: Iceberg hammers
Enter the Temple of Doom
Where buffoons are bending the spoons
I mentioned the moon essential dimension of shrooms
Engine im benching the goons repent detention is due
I throw a wrench in your groove now your invention is through
With the intention to bruise and batter rules of matter meticulous
The fickle fell sick as Sickle cell or Syphilis
Nick'll spell spit ridiculous the Christmas list
Hold the hour mode devour solar power flip emissionless
On the path watch for snakes in grass
On the track rocks the ageless that maps
Stir the furnace - blazing the nerve burner at these word burglars
It burned in earnest - observe the herde gerbals when they heard murder
Learn further the facilities fashioned to fracture these fractals
Fast tactile debabble happy laugh of the jackal
Raps practiced to grapple in Babylon
Droppin atom bombs that's a pattern dawn
You done did dishonor with harmony
The armor be gauntlet call it mod of geometry
Knowledge is honor god is astronomy
Archetype market might dismember your memory
Idenic unleaded set it n forget jetted the century
Read it shred it the flight indebted to better the entropy

Vandal commanded a thermo dynamic channel
Flying to fast trying to relax is a paradox for mammals
Air of god tear apart these panel examples
Off the handle stampede ammo granted graduate grade
Understand we shift the grid that gravity framed
Charge a quota radio cancer carcinoma
Mark of the ogre - get run down like bulls round Barcelona
The bars of a soldier that wrote those motor mechanics
With quotient to damage flow ocean Atlantic
A devilish doctrine delivers lost in the rivers' current
In land of perpetual winter we live above it
Hit the summit - officer systems surroundings
Binocular vision amount to better than 20/20 ready
Many pennies get machete moto - heavy like Chevy Tahoe
Levee break semi auto the motto - what was said
Fucking bobbleheads God is dead and the rest in pieces
Dress for success the best features
Context to flex that wrecks creatures -tech leeches
So i invest the best to mesh niches
Mech reaches bless breezes to air
I wrote this with an actual pen
Toggle thoughts dug retractible lense
Eclipse light fractions catched as they bend
While factions encapsulate trends
The passenger's passion vs. pass away ends
That action contends
Track Name: Demiframe
You could never revel my level
I spit clever nettles a rebel that never settles
You embellish your hype - i relish the mic the devilish type
Edison light after nautical sums - the audible one
Run with the sun bottle the lung full throttle to drum
We build base for spaceship basically the space race is kill basic
Still framed to race the glaciers
Pigs run wild while wolves are huffing and puffin
That's why i compile this gift over rushing percussion
Y'all play connect 4 for tech war
All or nothing at the chess board who flex more
The best source bombed like the beaches of Normandy
What they're speaking in sorcery
When board resorts to course of their forgeries
Endorse it accordingly to the top 50 shit - that's boring
I drop 50 hits forged to chop swifty kid
Cus Mr.vista spits like a missile hits
Like a pistol piss you gristle rips
In the distract crypt chip the mission script
The gist of it - money is a symbol - simple - burn indo
Dominate clockwork gizmo the gospel's simple
Have faith in yourself don't waste in hell passin your cell
Race for the bell they're basically shells take it to shelf
Major in wealth commend levitation school
To rise above the darkness of the sense depravation pools
Danger doom quakes raise the roof create blazing troops
That march on the merchant - farmer archer then earthling
Martyr target the wording
This art i started as a starving artist is part of the charter in serving
The bark is for burning a fire in the marshes
Conductor flies in the garbage charge guardian eye of the author
Meshia and saucers fostered by the liars in office
The grind of Gotham that designs their coffers
Supply the monsters rations
Cost for captain Arnold lost in combat sink to the barracles
A part of the masses market are sold as distraction capsules
Fell from a fractured axle that laughing gas plastic cattle
The children shot the enemy with practice arrows
The art of rappin is atlas marrow
Make these fuckers gargle acid burn the corpses charge em taxes
Orphan orb of axis the parallax tactics abort the batches
Ordered backflips for the force it lapses